Started in 2013,

Brickthrowers is an independent/indie

re-educational advocacy organization

battle born and based in the heart of the city of tomorrow,

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Illuminators of thought and being,

Brickthrowers represents the artistic endeavor

of surviving and saving the empire from itself.

Brickthrowers scouts and trains burgeoning artists

for careers as professional artists in the 21st century.

Brickthrowers is a lifestyle on the path

toward self-actualization.

Join us.


– Brickthrowers –

Description: Scouting and training burgeoning advocates. (5)

Mission Statement 1: Illuminating thought and being. (4)

Mission Statement 2: There is no time in the whale. (7)

Mission Question 1: Art thou game? (3)

Mission Question 2: Where to from here? (4)

Vision Statement 1: Learn from history. (3)

Vision Statement 2: Live a little. (3)


Illuminators of thought and being